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Board of Trade executive: 2014-2015

The New Hamburg Board of Trade has elected its executive for 2014-2015. The Board of Directors includes:


Steve Wagler


Tim Bender
Past President


Joe Figliomeni


Nigel Gordijk
Marketing, Secretary


Leslie Elkeer


John Ritz


Gina Ruttan


Dietmar Walch


Christina Bowden






Cheryl Gordijk
Contracted Staff, Membership Liaison

Steve Wagler - President
Phone: 519-662-1644


Tim Bender - Past President
Phone: 519-662-1221

Joe Figliomeni - Treasurer
Phone: 519-662-4001


Nigel Gordijk - Marketing, Webmaster, Secretary
Phone: 519-569-9551

Cheryl Gordijk - Contracted Staff, Membership Liaison
Phone: 519-573-8161