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Seminar: Dominating Your Local Online Market

Dominating Your Local Online Market: The New Rules For Marketing Your Business

Keeping up with a rapidly-changing business environment by transforming the way you sell.

In 2012, we asked our members what the Board of Trade could do to help you improve the way you do business. One of the most popular answers was to provide educational opportunities.

On April 13, 2013, the New Hamburg Board of Trade hosted its first live workshop, which was a tremendous success, with 30 people in attendance. In keeping with the theme of the event, the vast majority registered and paid online, also a first for us.

The economy's ups and downs, changes in buyer behaviour, the Web, social media, sales enablement tools, and increased competition have all changed how and why clients buy. But with change comes opportunity.

John Clendinning - marketing trainer and owner of local service businesses and franchises in the region for over 17 years - he revealed the new rules of marketing for businesses and explained how we should transform the way we sell, so we can help buyers to buy from us.

The audience learned:

  • Why what you used to do to market your business won't work today.
  • How to match your selling process to the NEW customer buying process (a key ingredient for selling success).
  • The four places that customers are looking for you online...and why you need to be there!
  • How to embrace online marketing (even if you never thought you would).