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Workshop: How to Innovatively Grow Your Business in New Hamburg

Tuesday, May 6, 2014. 9:00am - 12:00pm at the Wilmot Recreation Complex

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Growing a business can be challenging. Add to that trying to grow a business in a small town. Long days, customer base small, preconceived notions about your offering, employees are often family and friends, all adds up to unique challenges to grow.

Additionally, all business owners lose perspective on how their business appears in the community and tp their customers. We form habits so quickly and lack the ability to look at the service we are putting out to the world objectively.

  • What if you could get a fresh infusion of life into your business?
  • What if you could see new possibilities for growth, cash flow, profits - immediately?
  • What if you could reinvigorate the service level you are providing to your customers - so much so that they would do more business, tell their friends, and become champions again for your business?
  • What if you could re-engage your employees to bring their best to your business - because they want to, and see it in their best interest?

In this 3.5 hour seminar - presented by Troy Treleaven, Regional Vice-President and Managing Partner at Dale Carnegie Business Group - we will help you gain the above and more. Based on solid business and customer service principles going back 101 years, you and your employees will be awakened to all the possibilities your business already possesses. You'll, together, see new opportunities for attractive customer service and how to implement these immediately.

(Right) Troy Treleaven, speaking at the New Hamburg Board of Trade on April 23, 2014 about the biggest challenges facing small businesses.


The best part - you'll gain dozens of specific, actionable ideas and suggestions to improve your business now from real customers and people in the New Hamburg community. In this Seminar, we will do a Customer Focus Meeting for your business that organizations normally pay thousands of dollars for, and be able to start driving new Cash and Profits into your business right away!

This workshop is designed for anyone from a New Hamburg (and surrounding area) business - employees, managers, business owners.

Join us on Tuesday, May 6 from 9:00am - 12:00pm at the Wilmot Recreation Complex. $99 for Board of Trade members. $149 for non-members.

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