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Minutes for Board of Trade meetings

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New Hamburg Board of Trade Executive Meeting

Tuesday January 12, 2016 5:30 pm at HollisWealth

Minutes taken by Gina Ruttan.

Attendees:  Joe Figliomeni, Steve Wagler, Cheryl Gordijk, Gina Ruttan, Sherry Robinson, Troy Walker, Lesley Elkeer

Regrets:  Dietmar Walch

1. 2016-2017 – Goals & Ideas

  • Welcoming Committee
  • Executive at each table
  • Introduce person to the right
  • Topic per table – Troy to email topic suggestions to group. Will have topics at every table for the next meeting
  • Membership drive in January – Look on Sky drive or on website for info about the benefits of being a member
  • “Word Wall” – Why did you join the Board of Trade? To be developed for next general meeting
  • Question to membership – Would there be interest in developing a “Welcome Package” for new members with current membership info and deals in it?

2. Financial Report

  • Concern over bookkeeping fees. Will talk with Kevin about amount for 2015.

3. Other Duties

  • Social Media – Looking into getting a volunteer from the group “Volunity” to take over Nigel’s responsibilities.

4. Membership Liaison  Report - Cheryl

  • Monster Murals – for Canada Day
  • Lesley looking into liquor license for sidewalk sale this upcoming August.
  • Audit Committee – need one more volunteer to be on committee

5. Wilmot Township - Steve

  • No updates

6. Upcoming Meetings –

  • Oakgrove Cheese – possible tour? Lesley can do the wine at this tour
  • Doug Wagner – Saturn Power
  • Cloverleaf
  • B/W Feed
  • Ernie Ritz
  • Don Wagler
  • We concluded that having members tell their story is very useful and welcomed by the membership
  • January 27th, 2016 Waterlot – catering at community centre
  • February 24th Puddicombe – in their new hall? – lunch to be confirmed with Nick
  • March 23th – Puddicombe?
  • April 27 –  Mayor Presentation with Adam (through Waterlot) catering?
  • May 25  Wine Tasting – silent auction items; at Puddicombe or at community centre
  • September
  • October Beer Tasting – silent auction items (volunteer appreciation); Scram and Dram to cater; check to see if they are comfortable hosting at Community centre as volunteers will be in attendance.
  • November - AGM