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Minutes for Board of Trade meetings

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New Hamburg Board of Trade Executive Meeting

Wednesday February 10, 2016 5:30 pm at HollisWealth

Minutes taken by Gina Ruttan.

Attendees: Joe Figliomeni, Steve Wagler, Gina Ruttan, Sherry Robinson, Lesley Elkeer

Regrets: Cheryl Gordijk, Troy Walker, Dietmar Walch


1. Approval of Agenda

  • Sherry approves the agenda; Steve seconded it. All in favour. None opposed.

2. Approval of minutes of January 12th/16

  • Approved by Sherry. Seconded by Steve. All in favour. None opposed.

3. Business arising from minutes

  • Topics created more discussion at the tables
  • Positive feedback from the meet the Execs at last general meeting.
  • Like the emails going out on a regular basis from Joe.
  • Joe has created the word wall.

4. Membership Liaison Report – Cheryl

  • Al Mills will be doing a presentation for the general members meeting in February about the Syrian Refugees. Al will talk about Stonecroft’s involvement with Steinman church.

5. Wilmot Township Report – Steve

  • Met with Grant last week at HollisWealth
  • Parking Survey was sent out to members and to other downtown businesses to get more information on issues for downtown businesses

6. Marketing/Social Media/Membership/Membership Value

7. Upcoming Meetings

  • February 24th Puddicombe – in their new hall – dinner
    Speaker: Al Mills
  • · March 23th – Adam (through Waterlot) at Community Centre
    Mayor Presentation – get questions from membership to give the Mayor prior to his presentation.
  • April 27 -- Look at getting someone from Waterloo Tourism.
  • May 25 Wine Tasting? – silent auction items – Adam (The Waterlot) at the Community Centre. Oak Grove tour this night?
  • June 6th – Golf tournament
  • September 28th
  • October Beer Tasting – silent auction items (volunteer appreciation)
  • November – AGM

8. Financial Report – Sherry

  • 2016 Budget – Executive went through and updated the 2015 budget to be applicable for the 2016 year. Sherry will send out the budget as soon as she can to the executive to look over.
  • Bookkeeping fee – Kevin said there was more time spent last year because he needed to set up the accounting system.
  • On average, he believes that 3 hours a month would be sufficient. Around $150.00 per month.

9. Other Business

  • Try out a Business after 5 event this Spring
  • Audit: Joe has the auditors set up -- Paul Haslam and Ed Lemond next Thursday. They will provide comments on our books.
  • Nils Fabian (Basic membership) – Wants to join executive. Very active in the community. Motion to approve Lesley, seconded by Sherry. All in favour. None opposed.
  • Minutes: used to be posted on the website. Executive minutes will be sent via email to members. General member and executive meeting would be posted to the website after minutes have been approved.

10. Adjournment

  • Sherry motioned to adjourn.