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Minutes for Board of Trade meetings

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New Hamburg Board of Trade General Membership Meeting

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

  • Share the Wealth draw: $250.00 won by Scott Wagler
  • 50/50 draw: $61.50 won by Theresa Dietrich
  • Spiral ham, donated by Bill and Jill Fleming of Sobeys: Bill MacKay

1. Guest speaker: Bill Fleming

  • Highlights:
  • Bill shared his business story, why he chose to do business here, what are the challenges, and how does he balance the meeting of local needs with head office "demands".

2. New Hamburg Board of Trade Annual Golf Tournament:

  • Chris Spotswood gave an update on how preparations are progressing, including announcement about a grand live auction prize. Chris asked for volunteers and for Board members to supply prizes. The golf tournament will be held on Monday, June 10, 2013.

3. Seminar: Dominating Your Local Online Market:

  • Steve Wagler announced this seminar, which will be hosted by the Board of Trade. Details can be found here. The golf tournament will be held on Thursday, April 18, 2013.

4. Q'ing in the Burg:

  • Tim Bender reminded members that companies - or groups of individuals - can form teams to compete in this summer's barbecue competition.

5. Faces of New Hamburg:

  • Nigel Gordijk gave a short presentation about the current marketing initiative by the Board of Trade, in order to promote New Hamburg.
  • Part of this effort is a new section on the revamped website, called "Faces of New Hamburg". This gives members the opportunity to give a more personal face to their businesses.

6. What's Your Wilmot?:

  • Kathryn Ritz encouraged members to visit the township's website so that they can review the first draft of its Strategic Plan. Kathryn felt that the discussions and subsequent plan has omitted some issues.

7. Earth Day 2013:

  • Michael Eckhardt asked if the Board of Trade, or any of its members, are doing anything to mark Earth Day.

8. New Hamburg Live:

  • Paul Knowles reminded members about the forthcoming New Hamburg Live!, and thanked local businesses for their support.

9. Meeting adjourned: 8:45pm.

Minutes as recorded by Nigel Gordijk.