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Minutes for Board of Trade meetings

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New Hamburg Board of Trade General Membership Meeting

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

  • Share the Wealth draw: $250.00 won by Bettina Fabien
  • 50/50 draw: $45.00 won by Tim Bender

1. Guest speakers

2. Announcements

3. New Business

  • Acceptance of minutes for March's general meeting and the April executive meeting. Motioned by Dave Seyler; seconded by Chris Spotswood.
  • A Canada Day committee has been formed, chaired by Helen Rempel. Tim asked members to consider playing a part and taking a leadership role, as Helen had once again accepted the challenge because no one else had done so.
  • The Board of Trade's first live workshop has been a success with plenty of positive feedback. Any further comments should be directed to the event's organizers: Steve Wagler, Chris Spotswood and Meredith Hagen.
  • May's general meeting will include a wine tasting to accompany the meal.
  • Cheryl Gordijk informed members of the changes at the Board of Trade/tourism office at 121 Huron Street. The little-used Internet connection has been cancelled and the Bell landline will be replaced soon with a new smartphone. The new phone number will be announced when the phone has been set up.
  • Chris Spotswood gave an update on the annual Board of Trade golf tournament, which will be held at Dundee Country Club on Monday, June 10. Chris reminded members about the grand live auction prize. She also encouraged members to provide prizes and promotional items for the event. Payment for participation must be made prior to the tournament, and this can be done online. If anyone would prefer not to pay online, they should inform Chris, who will ask Cheryl to raise an invoice.
  • Don Wagler suggested that the Board of Trade should raise a recent bylaw issue about the display of posters etc on businesses' private premises, such as announcements for local non-profit events. Tim Bender informed members that this issue had been discussed at April's executive meeting and that an official response is already in the process of being drafted.

4. Meeting adjourned: 8:55pm.

Minutes as recorded by Nigel Gordijk.