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Minutes for Board of Trade meetings

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New Hamburg Board of Trade General Membership Meeting

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

  • Share the Wealth draw: $250.00 won by Doug Jonas
  • 50/50 draw: $59.00 won by Kathie Jordan

1. Guest speaker

  • Dave Gimbel from Vineland Estates Winery. Each course of this evening's meal - catered by MeMe's - was accompanied by a wine selected by Dave Gimbel. Dave explained his choices throughout the meal.

2. Announcements

  • Paul Knowles told members about this year's New Hamburg Live! and reminded us that the festival brings visitors to New Hamburg from other parts of Canada, as well as the U.S.
  • Kathie Jordan announced the Kathie Jordan Design Grand Opening on Saturday, May 25.
  • Meredith Hagen is the Board of Trade's liaison for this year's Canada Day committee. She acknowledged Helen Rempel for stepping forward again to chair the committee, and thanked Cheryl Gordijk for overseeing the duck race in previous years on behalf of the Board. Meredith mentioned that we will need some volunteers to help with this year's duck race, and suggested that this would be something that local students could do as part of their community hours. If any members know of someone who is available, they should email Tim Bender.
  • Steve Wagler asked members to start thinking about their company Christmas parties for this year. The Board of Trade hosts parties at the New Hamburg Community Centre, which is catered by one or more of our members. The hall can accommodate approximately 200 people.
  • Lyle Cressman announced that Puddicombe House will be holding a Food and Drink Garden Party on June 20. There will be local wineries, breweries and food vendors. The all-inclusive cost is $25.00
  • Chris Spotswood gave a Board of Trade golf tournament update. Prizes are still being donated, plus there will be an additional blind auction prize where people can bid to have Stanley Cup winner and special guest Gilbert Dionne as a member of their golf team at the event.
  • Tim Bender reminded members about Q'ing For Life - Grilling in the 'Burg on Saturday, June 8.

3. New Business

  • Tim Bender: Minutes for April's general members meeting and May's executive meeting have been posted online. Motion to approve the minutes: Paul Knowles; seconded by Dave Seyler. Carried.
    - The New Hamburg waterwheel is running, thanks to replaced bearings that were donated by Schaeffler Canada. Their generosity will be recognized with a presentation photo and commemorative plaque.
    - Government funding for our summer student has been approved, so the Board of Trade can now employ someone for nine weeks, starting from June 10. Applications are invited and résumés will be accepted up to May 31. Full details are available here.
    - An auditor's report will be discussed at June's executive meeting.
  • Don Wagler thanked Nigel Gordijk for actively promoting New Hamburg and its local businesses.
    - Don asked for clarification about the township's bylaw regarding advertising for third parties on businesses' private property, and enquired about the Board's position. Meredith informed members that she is discussing the issue with Grant Whittington, the township's CAO. Grant confirmed that temporary posters that are affixed to the inside of businesses' windows are exempt.
  • Cheryl Gordijk mentioned that the Board of Trade's new cellphone, which replaces the landline at 121 Huron Street, will be activated soon. The new number will be made available when the phone is functioning.
  • Tim: The next general members meeting willbe held on Wednesday, September 25.

4. Meeting adjourned: 8:58pm.

Minutes as recorded by Nigel Gordijk.