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Minutes for Board of Trade meetings

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New Hamburg Board of Trade General Membership Meeting

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

  • Catered by The Waterlot.
  • 50/50 draw: $68.00 was won by Steve Wagler.
  • A shorter meeting this month to accomodate the Wilmot Family Resource Centre, which needed to set up for the following day's Poor Boys Lunch.

1. Committee Reports

  • Marketing: Nigel Gordijk reminded members to submit their Deals To Make You Smile, which will run throughout October. We have 373 followers on Twitter and 157 on Facebook, so this is a good, free marketing opportunity for our members. New membership stickers for 2015 will be available soon. The Stonecroft Shopping Guide featured a Board of Trade (New Hamburg: You're Welcome) ad thanking their residents who volunteered to water the downtown flower baskets during the summer.
  • Financial: Joe Figliomeni gave a brief financial update.

2. Review of meeting minutes

  • Steve asked members to accept the minutes for our May general meeting, as well as executive meetings in June and September. Motion - Paul Knowles; seconded - Joe Figliomeni. Carried.

3. New Business/Announcements

  • Steve: Municipal meet the candidates event is scheduled for Thursday, October 16 in the New Hamburg Community Centre. Date, time and participants to be confirmed.
  • Membership dues and general members meeting structure is the subject of ongoing executive discussions. An ad hoc committee will look at possible options in October, and the issue will be voted on at our general meeting in November. This includes a possible reduced rate for local non-profits.
  • There are new bylaws affecting non-profits which may affect us. Steve Funk is investigating this for us, with a particular focus on transparency.
  • New Hamburg heritage/tourism signage: This is being explored again. Township of Wilmot CAO, Grant Whittington, informed members that Harold O'Krafka has offered to help with this.
  • 2015 will mark the 25th anniversary of the New Hamburg heritage waterwheel. Ways of celebrating this will be discussed.
  • Cheryl Gordijk announced that New Hamburg's Ladies' Night will be on Tuesday, November 4. Any members who are interested in participating - i.e. their businesses - should contact Denise at Home Hardware.
  • Meredith Hagen pointed out that a Stonecroft volunteer received a parking ticket while they were watering the downtown flower baskets. She suggested that it would be a good gesture for the Board of Trade to pay the ticket. John Hanson requested Meredith provide details to confirm these comments so Grant could look into it and get back. Steve was not aware and confirmed that he would look into and speak with Meredith and provide the facts to Grant. Grant Whittington confirmed that he was not aware of this as well and would be happy to look into it once he had received the facts. After the meeting, Grant spoke to Steve and confirmed he was looking forward to Steve's follow up with Meredith, and would await his information.
  • Steve raised the fact that we have a lot of exciting developments underway in our downtown core including the renovations at Zehr Insurance, the restoration of the Imperial Hotel by Marie and Greg Voisin, and the recently announced expansion of Puddicombe House by the Cressman family. Steve also commented that we intend to invite each of these members to share their visions at future meetings. Steve further stated that small town Ontario would be envious of the parking challenges that were raised in the New Hamburg Independent last week as these redevelopment and expansions projects will put pressure on the current supply of parking. This is a great challenge to face.
        Grant responded to confirm that it is great to see our Downtown strong and strengthened by these projects, and that Wilmot Township will be conducting a parking study for downtown New Hamburg in the coming year. The last study was conducted in 2008 so with the new projects underway it makes sense to have an update. He added that if the survey shows that additional parking is required the township will take the responsibility of developing further spaces. As this is in a heritage district - and our only traditional larger downtown in the Township - the township would either expand or create new municipal parking areas as the Downtown needs occur (e.g. the municipal parking lots that exist in the Downtown). Township would work with the Board of Trade and the Downtown business owners through the parking study to determine need and timing.

4. Meeting adjourned: 8:22 p.m.

Minutes as recorded by Nigel Gordijk.