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Minutes for Board of Trade meetings

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New Hamburg Board of Trade General Membership Meeting

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

  • Catered by The Waterlot.
  • 50/50 draw: $71.50 was won by Ed Lamont.
  • Guest speaker: Erik Kuttis - TLC Pet Food - shared his business success story.

1. Review of meeting minutes

  • The minutes for October's general and November executive meetings were reviewed. Motion to accept: Larry Zehr; seconded by Tim Bender. Carried

2. Financial report

  • Joe Figliomeni presented the profit/loss statement (dated October 30, 2014) and balance sheet.
  • Joe discussed our new membership dues structure, which will come into effect January 1, 2015. The changes partly reflect the rise in catering costs at our general members meetings. The new dues will be as follows (exc. HST, unless stated).
    - Full membership (includes meals): $300.00.
    - Basic membership: $160.00; $30.00 (inc. HST) for each meal.
    - Multiple memberships: $300.00 for the first one and $150.00 for each subsequent.
    - Honorary members: No membership fee; $30.00 (inc. HST) for each meal.
    - Guests, for potential members: First meal free; all others $30.00 (inc. HST).
    - Non-profit and service organizations: $50.00 membership, plus $30.00 (inc. HST) per meal.
    - Motion to accept new dues carried.

3. Marketing report

  • Nigel Gordijk updated members on the marketing opportunities that were available to them during the past year, and what our plans are for 2015. He encouraged members to send him links to their business social media pages so that these can be shared with the public. "New Hamburg: You're Welcome" has - at the time of writing - 163 followers on Facebook and 417 on Twitter, which means there are 580 people who want to know what's going on in town. More than 780 promotional messages are sent out each year via our social media, including special offers. Other marketing activities include our free business directory, Faces of New Hamburg, plus print advertising in the Wilmot Recreation Guide.

4. President's remarks

  • Steve Wagler gave the following speech:
    I wanted to provide a report on the halfway point of my term as your president. The Board has seen a few accomplishments, but there is much more that we need to work toward and tonight I am going to focus briefly on two areas.
    Membership: We need to all work at bringing new members into our organization. Not only for a revenue source, but to re-energize and propel the Board of Trade forward. We also want to encourage the not-for-profit organizations, like the service clubs and others, to join the Board so we can work together on initiatives that benefit everyone. We will have a focused membership drive in January.
    Marketing: While we are working to come up with marketing opportunities we still need to be doing more to help New Hamburg residents find things locally and attract new customers to our town. But in addition to this, we also need to consider how we attract the businesses of tomorrow to come to our community. Last month you heard from CTT representative David Seyler on the good work that is happening there and how things are changing from attracting to also retaining businesses. So marketing to us isnèt just about attracting new customers for our members, but also retaining and attracting new business to our community.
    We need to keep these two things in mind as we move through 2015. Perhaps a fresh look on tourism and an active committee focused on reaching out to surrounding communities like Stratford and St. Jacobs to collaborate and attract tourists that are already visiting these other communities. This may include highway signage to identify our historic downtown district.
    The second area of focus for marketing is a keen focus on economic development and working closer with Wilmot staff in developing plans for the employment lands along the highway.
    We have lots of exciting things that will keep us focused in 2015 and we welcome your support through committee work and suggestions.
  • Steve also pointed out that we are still open to recruiting more members to become directors (executive members).

5. Motion to ratify the actions of directors

  • David Seyler: “I would move that all actions, contracts, by-laws, proceedings, appointments, elections and payments, enacted, made, done and taken by the Board of Directors and Officers of the New Hamburg Board of Trade, since the date of the last Annual Meeting, as set out or referred to in the minutes of the Board of Directors, or in the financial statements, submitted to the meetings are hereby approved, sanctioned, and confirmed.” Second: Paul Knowles. Carried.

6. New business

  • Steve Wagler: Thanks to:
    - John Bear for sponsoring the candy that members will be packaging up for Santa to hand out after this year’s parade. (Steve also asked members to help out with bagging the candy at the end of this meeting.)
    - Mark Murray for coordinating the street light decorations and to Boshart Electric and our volunteer firefighters for putting up the Christmas lights.
    - Past president Sam Lucibello for decorating the community centre hall this year for the Christmas season.
  • Steve also pointed out that member Nils Fabian won a $2,500 travel voucher from Economical Select and Josslin Insurance.
  • Cheryl Gordijk: We still need volunteers at the firehall to help Santa distribute candy bags to kids after the Santa Claus parade.
  • Nigel Gordijk: Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Board of Trade food drive. Roger Cowie delivered these contributions to the Wilmot Family Resource Centre the morning after this meeting.

7. Meeting adjourned: 9:37 p.m.

Minutes as recorded by Nigel Gordijk.