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Minutes for Board of Trade meetings

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New Hamburg Board of Trade General Membership Meeting

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

  • Catered by Puddicombe House.
  • 50/50 draw: $79.50 was won by Bob Zehr.
  • Guest speaker: Ross Steckley (Sanford Holshouser).

1. New members

  • President Steve Wagler welcomed new members who were attending this evening's meeting: Troy Walker (Tidal Wave Fire Sprinkler Systems), as well as Greg and Marie Voisin (The Imperial). Steve announced that we have recruited several new members in the past few weeks due to the Board's membership drive.

2. Guest speaker

  • Our guest speaker, Ross Steckley (Sanford Holshouser), presented a formal vision of how the Board could partner with his company and the Township of Wilmot to form a wide-ranging Economic Development committee for the municipality. Steve and Ross pointed out that there have already been initial meetings involving all three organizations. Sanford Holshouser has provided a Letter of Intent.
  • David Seyler asked about the costs associated with the Letter of Intent. Steve said that the Board has estimated a total budget of $15,000 - based on a reduced-rate quote from Sanford Holshouser - but stage #1 will probably cost around $3,000 and stage #2 $9,000. Nothing has been signed yet, and the Letter of Intent is only a first draft at this point.

3. Marketing report

  • Steve reminded members about a survey that Nigel Gordijk created, asking for feedback about what time of day is prefered for our regular meetings: This survey will remain live online until Wednesday, March 11, when the Board's executive will review the responses and then report back to general members.

4. Financial report: 2015 budget

  • Joe Figliomeni presented the 2015 budget report. (2014 will be audited the week after this meeting.) Printouts were provided for members to review. The 2015 budget aims for a total of $20,000 from membership dues. Joe pointed out that because of our membership drive, the increased revenue from dues is currently at $19,100, meaning we are already nearly at our projected total for the year and it's only February.
  • There is a projected loss due to the costs of working with Sanford Holshouser. This loss would be funded through the Board's reserves in the bank. After Joe presented the budget, he made a motion to approve, which was seconded by Ed Lemont. During further discussions, a friendly amendment was moved by Bill Mackay - and seconded by Dave Seyler - "To approve the budget without the allocation to Economic Development Vision." It was suggested that after the review, and final confirmation of the Letter of Intent, the Board can amend the budget to include the cost. A vote was called: all in favour. Therefore the amendment was carried and by default the original motion was carried.

5. New business

  • Steve Wagler announced that there will be two new members serving on the executive from March: Gina Ruttan (Fro.Zen Trolley) and John Ritz (New Hamburg Office Pro).

6. Meeting adjourned: 9:11 p.m.

Minutes as recorded by Nigel Gordijk.