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Minutes for Board of Trade meetings

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New Hamburg Board of Trade General Membership Meeting

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

  • President Joe Figliomeni welcomed Board of Trade members to the monthly membership meeting.
  • 50/50 draw: $73.50 was won by Ed Lemont
  • Catered by The Waterlot
  • Conversation topics were distributed at each table for the first General Members meeting. Each table had a different discussion topic, which was later shared with the wider group.

1. Review of minutes

  • Joe Figliomeni asked for a motion to accept the minutes from the December general meeting. Motion: Deb Meyers. Seconded: Mike Schout. Carried.
  • Joe added that the minutes from the executive meeting in December have yet to be published.

2. Financial Report

  • Sherry Robinson went through the latest financials for the calendar year January to December 2015.
  • Sherry received permission of general members to no longer print out copies of financial statements on the tables, but rather send them in an email before the general members meeting.
  • Sherry informed members of ongoing search for another member of audit committee.

3. Marketing Report

  • Joe Figliomeni reminded members of the Deals to Make you Smile advertising opportunity, as well as reminding members to get ad space early for the Fall Recreation Guide supplement.

4. Report on the Waterwheel

  • Steve Wagler spoke to members regarding the potential tampering of the waterwheel in Fall, 2015. It is believed that someone took one of the stainless steel cables. It has since been repaired.

5. Membership Drive

  • Joe Figliomeni reminded members of the ongoing membership drive, and of the benefits of being a Board of Trade member. Joe will send a compiled list of all the benefits to Board of Trade members.

6. New Business

  • There was no new business

Meeting Adjourned: 8:45 p.m.

Minutes as recorded by Gina Ruttan