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Minutes for Board of Trade meetings

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New Hamburg Board of Trade General Membership Meeting

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

1. 7 pm Welcome – take a moment to give thanks for the meal in your own way. – silent thanksgiving

2. Toast to queen and country.

3. Catering tonight – Adam Brenner – Waterlot

4. Joe welcomed two new members: Debra from Sugar Plum Castle and Matt Rolland from Pita Pit.

5. Review minutes – Minutes of February 24, 2015 meeting – need motion – Nigel 1st and Troy 2nd

6. Committee Reports

· Financial – Sherry – February stmt/ 2016 Budget

· No questions were asked. Joe suggested we have a YTD running total.

7. Guest Speaker – Lisa Akey (Interfaith Counselling). Presented on Mental Health and its presence in Wilmot Township. She expressed a need to raise funds for counselling hours.

8. New business

· Sherry – Street Dining – Sherry to send an email outlining the idea

· Cheryl – Living Well Festival – discussed free events for the family at Wilmot Rec Complex. This event promotes wellness in our community.

· Internet marketing workshop April 29th, New Dundee BOT $49cost  

· Business After 5 – NEW for NHBOT, 1st meeting at Scram and Dram from 5pm to 7pm, on April 12.

· Upcoming meetings

1. April 27th – Lillian Dominguez – a personal trainer and fitness guru – recently returning from the Arnold’s Classic in Ohio – discussing motivation.

2. May 25th – Mayor Les Armstrong – update – along with Wine tasting event.

3. June 6th – Golf tournament at New Dundee Golf course

9. Adjournment – need motion – passed by Steve

Minutes as recorded by Gina Ruttan