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Historic meeting of past Board presidents

Ernie Ritz and Marie Voisin are documenting the historic buildings in the original Village of New Hamburg. They are following the history of ownership, as well as photographing the original details of these interesting buildings. 

In addition, Ernie and Marie are noting the "ghost buildings" – buildings that used to exist that have been torn down. The Board of Trade building, at 121 Huron Street, is one of these buildings. It sits where a former fire station was built in 1882. The book's authors are welcoming current owners to be included in the photos that they're are taking, and therefore invited the Board of Trade to be present in this July 2013 photograph. Its shows most of the surviving past Board presidents (one was unavailable), along with the current executive.

The book's proposed publication date is December 2014.

Photo: Marie Voisin.