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Board of Trade Update: July 2008

Hello, again, friends of the New Hamburg Board of Trade:

I hope you are having a great summer.

I wrote to you earlier today about the need to make our views known about proposals re. a bypass on Highway 7&8. If you didn't email the MOT, our MPP and appropriate decision makers at that time, please do so right away.

This is a general update on various Board of Trade matters.

There are a number of thank-yous due to our volunteers:

1) To Tim Bender and his crew for a successful Rubber Duck (yes, 'duck') Race on Canada Day. We believe we cleared at least $3000 on the project.

2) To all the organizers and volunteers involved in the New Hamburg Board of Trade Golf Tournament. And especially to our sponsors and everyone who donated items for the prize table and auction. It was a great success again this year, and we raised about $15,000 for the Board of Trade.

3) To Jim Bishop, who is handling all the planning for Sidewalk Sale Days and Cruise Night (August 13-16). We're still looking for a couple of coordinators to help run the food booth in the afternoon and evening of Friday, August 15, but we have coordinators for Thursday and for Friday morning.

4) To Bob Zehr, Kevin Cressman and David Seyler, for all their work toward getting the water wheel functional again.

5) To Nancy Ripley and her committee for their ongoing efforts in planning the New Hamburg 150th Celebration, September 20, in conjunction with Doors Open Waterloo in New Hamburg. Plan to get involved -- walk in the parade with a banner from your business, enjoy the events, visit the sites. It's going to be a great day! The New Hamburg Independent is publishing a special publication celebrating the 150th; please be supportive of the Indy's effort.

Some other updates:

Membership: The Board is offering a special deal to new members. Anyone who joins the Board as a full member for the remainder of 2008 will receive a membership through 2009, all for the cost of one full year ($205 plus GST, including all meals).

Websites: Please visit and And if you have not listed your business on, remember -- this is available free of charge to Board of Trade members (non members pay $50 to be listed). So send in your listing today.

Paul Knowles, President